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                Lianyungang Hengshun Chemical Co., Ltd.
                    2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid  
                    N-Methylol acrylamide  
                    Acetamide, N-[(2S)-2-(acetyl  

                Add: 9 Dapu Road, Dapu Industrial Park, Economic ...
                P. C.: 222047  
                Tel: +86-518-85709777
                Fax: +86-518-85708588
                Contact: Christine Lu
                E-mail: sales@hengshun-chem.com
                URL: www.pngloans.com

                Product name Diacetone acrylamide
                Structural formula
                Molecular formula C9H15NO2
                CAS RN 2873-97-4
                Molecular weight 169
                Properties Off-white crystal. Melting point: 51~55℃. Soluble in water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, acetic ether, acrylonitrile, styrene, and n-hexanol, insoluble in n-hexane and petroleum ehter.
                Content ≥99%
                Uses In emulsion paint.


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